The Portuguese Young Socialists


The Portuguese Socialist Youth (JS) is a youth political organization committed to upholding the values of democratic socialism and the Portuguese Republic, made up of young people between 14 and 30 years old. Our organization demand sthe development of civic intervention with the objective of creating a more democratic, fair and caring society based on the values of liberty, equality and fraternity.

JS is the youth structure of the Portuguese Socialist Party (PS) and enjoys, in accordance with its statutes, full organizational autonomy and conduct of our policy options in accordance with the party’s declaration of principles.



Local and National Intervention

JS acts locally through municipal and local (sub division of the municipality) chapters. These, in turn, are organized into district and regional federations. Finally, JS also has a national structure, comprising the Secretary-General and the National Committee, elected by the National Congress, and the National Secretariat and National Policy Committee, elected by the National Commission.

Intervention in Education

JS also develops its action sectorally through their school chapters in all levels of education, from primary to higher education, which are organized through the Organization of Socialist Students (OES).

Local Government intervention

In addition to these structures, the National Association of Municipal Young Socialists (ANJAS) coordinates the work of local elected representatives of the JS in the municipalities, spreading best practices and helping policy coordination at the local government level.

Union intervention

More recently, JS created his Socialist Union Youth Trend, in an attempt to integrate a national structure into the portuguese union system.

International intervention

Externally, the JS is a founding member of the European Organization of Young Socialists (ECOSY – now Young European Socialists) and is particularly committed to the European Project of deepening and strengthening of its democratic and social components. Acting in defense of an international order, based on the principles of the UN Charter, the JS is also a member of IUSY (International Union of Socialist Youth) and has reinforced its intervention in cooperation between organizations of the portuguese-speaking countries and Ibero-America.


International Affairs Office


Catarina Lourenço
International Affairs Secretary


[email protected] 

(+351) 213 712 306 | (+351) 917 199 600

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